Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sagamore wedding from Saturday - Sneak Peek!

I usually wait to get the finished photos from the wedding photographers before putting them up on my blog, but this past Saturday's wedding was so awesome that I'm going against my nature and postings some sneak peek pics. This wedding was at The Sagamore Resort two days before the Today Show broadcast from there. The place was a buzz with excitement and there were NBC crews on site getting footage all throughout the day. Although images from this wedding didn't make it on the show, they certainly could have - this wedding was incredible and could easily be featured in any high-end wedding magazine (or morning show!). Very special kudos to David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance Floral Design in Albany ( The flowers and complete decor were all David's design and he and his team executed the setup beautifully. Also thanks to Clifton Park Rental Company for the stunning reception rentals and the cool uplighting in the room. The wedding photographer on this job was the fabulous Tracey Buyce and I can't wait to see her images from this day. For now, here are some of the shots taken by David in between all the crazy decorating he was doing of this space. David - you rock!!
Check out the humongous flower arrangements David made for the ceremony (picture above)!!

Cocktail hour terrace - sooo soft and beautiful!

Here I'm putting the final touches to the table with my custom made place cards.

David has these fabulous high backed white leather couches that we used as lounge furniture around the dance floor. This is Tracey Buyce and I getting a quick rest on one before the reception begun. The only time we sat down all night - I swear!

Check out this dining table! The guest list for this wedding was less than 40 so we went with a very intimate feel and placed all the guests along one big table. David decorated the table beautifully with gathered fabrics, multiple floral arrangements, and crystal chandeliers hanging overhead. It was stunning! When the bride saw it she burst into happy tears. It was awesome to see her that happy!

A few more shots of this incredible table.

This was a big wedding, and a big day for all of us who worked so hard on it. You can't tell I was tired, can you??
Thanks again to David from Renaissance Floral Designs for the exquisite flowers and reception room decor - and for these pictures! I'll post a full blog with Tracey's photos soon!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hotz Wedding - May 16, 2009

I was looking back through my posts and I realized I never blogged about this wedding - how could I have missed it?? In any rate, here is a much overdue recap of a very cool wedding...

Mr. and Mrs. Hotz were married May 16, 2009 at the Albany Country Club. I met these guys in February 2008 so I had the great pleasure of working with them for 16 months. They are such a cute couple, very relaxed and laid back. Danielle is a petite little ball of pure niceness, and he's a Red Sox fan so they were all right in my book. Actually Nick is also my web designer (check out his work - ) so he gets extra bonus points for that. These two met in college and moved to Albany to start their life together. A life that included a very fun and very personal wedding! I have to thank some of my favorite vendors for putting in their best work for these two - DJ Greg Frasier rocked out a ridiculously fun reception! And these pictures are all from photographer Tracey Buyce ( - check out her great work!!

How pretty is she?? The bride's makeup was done by Jessica Sheridan who works for the makeup artist Amy Elizabeth Smith. Such a beautiful bride!!

The colors for the wedding were sage green, lavender, and pink. The girls wore green dresses with fun lavender jewelry and the matron of honor's dress had a pretty lavender sash around the middle. The bride and groom stepped out of the box with the tuxes and chose a tan color for the guys instead of the traditional black. Going with a lighter color kept the overall feel lighter and less stuffy. Definitely suited this fun-loving group!

For flowers we kept with the color theme but chose different blooms for the personal flowers and the reception centerpieces. Big lush pink and ivory peony bouquets were carried by the girls and the rest of the wedding flowers were pink and green orchids. Check out the submerged orchid stem in the centerpiece and the floating orchids in the little containers next to it. There was even a submerged LED light at the bottom of each of the tall vases that lit the room as the night got dark. Very easy and inexpensive way to have a lot of impact on your tables. So cool!

I couldn't possibly blog about this wedding and not mention their very cool wedding cake. Check it out!! This is a CoccaDotts creation and matched so many elements of the wedding perfectly - the quilted diamond pattern on the green layers is an exact replica of the diamond pattern on their invitations and the brooches on the purple bands matches the brooch on the waistline of the bride's wedding dress. If you are familiar with the Albany Country Club you know what a fantastic placement the cake gets and this cake certainly got a lot of attention. It was awesome!

I mentioned that the groom is a Red Sox fan (go Sox!) but the bride is a die-hard Yankees fan (must make for interesting pillow talk!) Well to remind her new husband that her baseball loyalty didn't change with the changing of her last name, she wore a garter that was navy blue and had a big Yankees logo on it. The groom had no idea and when he pulled the garter off her leg and took a look at it his expression was priceless! :)

These guys were so much fun to work with! And their wedding came together just beautifully. Unfortunately they got caught in the rainy summer weather so the outdoor ceremony had to come indoors, but they rolled with it and never let anything distract them from having a night of fun with their family and friends.

This was a picture Tracey took towards the end of the night - I'm one happy wedding planner!! Congrats guys - and miss you!! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Planning Plus is getting great press!!

Wedding Planning Plus has been WeddingWire Rated for 2009!!

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Feel free to write one review and paste it into the other sites!

All feedback is appreciated! It helps us continue to do the job we love! Thanks to all our past brides for so generously contributing feedback and ratings on these sites!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love what I do

I don’t usually blog when I get home from a wedding, but after tonight’s affair I have so much on my mind that I feel the need to share. Not in a rant or vent kinda way, but in the spirit of a celebratory happy wedding planner type share. Tonight was the wedding of a bride who will truly stand out in my mind as one of the most special. I know I say a lot of my brides are special – and they are! – but each is special to me in a different way. With tonight’s wedding the bride was special because of the deep relationship we formed over the last year and a half. When I say that this bride called/text/e-mailed/Facebook messaged me every day I would not be exaggerating. I talked to her frequently and often. She had a million questions. And needed reassurance. And advice. And I was happy to give it all.

So when you talk to someone almost daily you get to learn a lot about them, maybe even more than their groom ends up knowing. You get to be more than just a wedding planner to them. You get to be a friend.

Tonight’s wedding was absolutely beautiful, and even though the bride was a bit nervous (not that I didn’t see that coming) she was happy and gorgeous and treated her guests to a wonderful event. Her father got up from dinner to find me and tell me how beautiful the reception was and how appreciative he was for everything I had done to put this wedding together. He talked with me for several minutes. And when he told me how much this wedding was to his daughter and his family, he cried.

At the end of tonight, as I do at every wedding, I went through and said goodbye to key people. I said goodbye to the groom who gave me a big hug and thanked me for everything. Then I said goodbye to the father of the bride who again hugged me tight and gave me a healthy dose of praise. The mother of the bride hugged me so tight and so long that I wasn’t sure I was going to be let go. She poured out her appreciation for putting together such a beautiful event, but mostly for dealing and working with her daughter throughout the whole process. And then I said goodbye to the bride. And it was like saying goodbye to a friend I won’t see anymore. She told me I couldn’t go. And I told her I really wasn’t. Because I know I’m won’t be. I’m never really gone. I’ll always be a part of them as they are of me.

I love what I do. I am a wedding planner. But really I get to be so much more than that. I am a friend. A confidant. I am the expert and the one with wisdom and knowledge. I comfort fears and give a gentle nudge forward when needed. I know about what my couples are most excited about. And what they’re most afraid of. I get them. And their vision. And their wishes and hopes. And I love to put it together.

I don’t think I could ever work at one of those reception locations that pumps out 5 events in a weekend. Because it’s not about the process; to me it’s all about the people. I really do feel like a member of their family, and they become an important member in mine. I stay in touch with a lot of my couples, and I get updates when they return from their honeymoon, when buy their first home, and when they have their first child. I get holiday cards and Facebook updates. I mean something to them and they mean a whole lot to me.

I love what I do. I love being a wedding planner. And what I do is much more than just about the wedding… :)

Happy planning,


Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Season - so far!

Hello everyone! I know I owe you all an apology, I haven't been blogging much lately and I'm truly sorry for that! But come on people - it's Wedding Season! And we here at Wedding Planning Plus have been very busy! And busy is good. :)

So we are about halfway through our year and have had the most wonderful and beautiful events so far - in spite of the weather. The rain has certainly been an issue for some of our past events but not something we can't handle. We're always prepared with a backup plan and we're ready for just about anything Mother Nature can throw at us. And this year she certainly has been throwing!

Ok, so you were probably expecting something more from this post... this isn't really a blog about anything... more like an apology blog for not being on here much lately... But stay tuned because we will be adding a ton of new posts from our recent weddings so there will be a lot more to look at and catch up on soon! Promise!! :)

Happy planning - and Happy Wedding Season!!,


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Most people know we're the area's premiere wedding planning service, but did you know that we sell invitations and wedding stationery, too? From classic, white and traditional to colorful, fun and funky, we carry whole lines of pieces that fit into every bride's style and theme. A lot of brides are choosing from the collection of ensemble products where the invitations, save the dates, ceremony programs, place cards, table numbers, and favor tags all match in the same color and style. Another popular option is the pockets albums which showcases all of the styles that package the invitation neatly with the response, reception, accommodations, and directions cards. It's easy to set up an appointment to look through our selections! Ordering is simple and quick and prices run across all ranges. Many beautiful options to choose the right wedding stationery for you! Check out some of the sample photos of our offerings below - what are you waiting for - call us to schedule your free consultation!!

Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams... and find you the perfect stationery, too!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miller Wedding - June 6, 2009

I work with a lot of special and wonderful couples, but every now and then I meet a couple that has a certain something extra that forever keeps them in a special place in my heart. This is definitely the case with Jackie and Scott. These guys came to me last fall through a recommendation from their caterer. They live in Colorado but were planning their wedding in Saratoga because this area was once home to them. Planning a wedding from out of state has its unique challenges, and they decided to work with me to help them put their event together. They got married at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga on a beautiful June Saturday. Classe Catering did a wonderful job with the food and the decor setup, as they always do. Kathy is a great Classe coordinator and we work together frequently. Once again, she didn't disappoint. Along with the fabulous photographer Heather Bohm Tallman (, local videographer Dan Keese, and an awesome band from Canada, we rocked it out and pull off a wonderful wedding for these two. The following photos were all taken by Heather Bohm-Tallman - Beautiful!!

It was a beautiful sunny day and their ceremony was held outdoors along the wooded side of the Museum. To keep guests cool (and to look pretty cool, too) attendants handed out paper parasols to guests as they took their seats. It was pretty neat to look out at the rows of guests and see them all sitting comfortable in the parasols' shade.

The bride's bouquet. A natural and spring-y mix of greens, ivories, and pinks. Flowers by Suzanne Ballet.

Soft colored paper lanterns hung over the dance floor and added a fun and very pretty element to the reception tent. The wedding colors were sage green pale pink, chocolate brown, and ivory, and all four colors were pulled together simply and beautifully in these lanterns.

Jackie and Scott wanted their wedding to depict an elegant take on nature, and brought a lot of creative ways to pull their theme together. These pewter frames of tree bark served as their place cards and favors. As you can see in the place card the guests were seated at tables named for different varieties of trees. The centerpiece on each table was wheat grass grown in beautiful wooden boxes handmade by the groom. Further examples of their use of natural items includes the birch bark canopy that framed the altar for their ceremony, the rocks that were laid out to be warmed with wishes from their guests, and the copper lanterns and birch branches that hung above the walkway into the tent. All of these elements were kept clean and classy, and they pulled together for a cohesive naturally elegant look.

This is genuine happiness on my face here, as I was photographed with the bride and groom towards the end of their reception. Their wedding was beautiful!! And exactly what a beautiful couple like them deserves. Makes me feel like a proud mama. :)