Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Amy and Adam Leave Me a Great Review!

Photo by Jessie Casey Photography

Amy and Adam were married at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid on July 17, 2016.  They called me from their home in Atlanta at the end of May and asked if it was possible to plan an entire wedding long distance in just 6 weeks.  I was instantly up for the challenge and got started with them that same day.  Their wedding was a huge success and they just left this awesome review for me online.  Thanks Amy and Adam for sharing your WPP experience with others!

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"Shannon was fantastic. We definitely didn't make it TOO easy, since we wanted to plan a destination wedding with 100+ guests in Lake Placid with only two months, from start to finish. Another planner we contacted didn't think it could be done--she didn't even think she could find us a venue--but Shannon had a list of options for us in a matter of days, and the place we ended up (Whiteface Lodge) was absolutely perfect. Shannon managed our budget, our timeline, and everything. She even received packages for us, so we wouldn't have to ship things from our home in Atlanta up to the Adirondacks. Thanks to Shannon, we always knew where we were in the wedding process, and what was left to be completed. She thought of things we wouldn't have, and kept us calm and cool on the wedding weekend. She has a great personality that is easy to get along with, and she was very laid back at the actual event. She made everything SO easy, in fact, that we were able to camp completely off the grid for the last two weeks before the wedding."

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mary and Rob Leave a 5 Star Review for Aissa!

Photo by Shaw Photography Co

Mary and Rob were married on June 18th where they met at Hamilton College.  Aissa coordinated their day and this bride and groom just left the nicest review of Aissa's work.  Thanks Mary and Rob for take the time to share your experience!

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"We hired Aissa as the day of coordinator for our wedding at Hamilton College. It was the first wedding of our size on the college campus, so we had to troubleshoot many issues and bring everything in. When Aissa met with us and several of our vendors months before the wedding to talk through the logistics of the day, it was clear that Aissa is extremely organized, experienced, and creative. While she was extremely helpful with the preparations leading up to the wedding, she was instrumental the day of the wedding. When an electrical issue came up, Aissa thought of and perfectly executed a creative solution. She met all deliveries and setup all rentals/props exactly how we had pictured. And before we could run out of ice and wine mid-reception, Aissa already bought more. We could not have pulled of our wedding without Aissa’s help, and we couldn’t recommend WPP more highly!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kelly and Jesse - September 26, 2015

Kelly and Jesse were married at the Lucas Confectionery (aka Troy Wine Bar) on September 26, 2015.  My apologies on all the late posts but this is another wedding I have been so excited to put up but time just hasn't been my friend lately!  This one is worth the wait, though, because these two are awesome people and their wedding totally rocked!

Kelly and Jesse are super cool people, and instantly upon meeting them we realized we had so much in common.  They are both runners, Kelly is a fellow marathoner and Jesse holds his own in distance racing and in biking, and Jesse creates video games which is so up my husband's alley.  They were Albany residents and we were into the same restaurants and bars which was cool.  Basically I am saying I loved them from the minute I met them!

Oh also I should mention we all were slated for the same upcoming races - Kelly and I for the Philly Marathon that November and Jesse was running the Philly half.  I "ran" into them for a fleeting few minutes before the start but was so thrilled to see they had a great race just like I did.  Running buddies are the best!

Anyway - back to their wedding - they hired me for day-of wedding coordination in order to make sure all of the pieces they had been planning came together smoothly and easily for them.  I had a blast working with Jillian at the Confectionery, and the rest of their vendors were the bomb, too!  This was my first time working with their photographer, Dianna Marr from Our Two Hearts Photography and this lady was so cool!  Not only was she a breeze to work with all day but look how amazing her photos are.  Quick shout out to Kelly's back (omg lady) and a few shots that I snuck into!  DJ Stephanie Graham was on hand from Andy Pratt DJ Company - thanks for the great tunes and the great friendship Stephanie!  Flowers were by Tina McDonald at Florals By Design - Loved the succulents!  Their officiant was Jill Rafferty-Weinsich at Celebrations Beyond Belief.  Hair and makeup was by Sabrina Devine, guest transportation was by Brown Coach, and their cake was made by Amy Mears at Sweet Expressions.  

I was so thrilled to work a wedding at the Confectionery and Kelly and Jesse were the kind of couple that any wedding planner dreams to work with.  Thank you both for trusting me with your most special day!  I look forward to seeing you both around town for more beers and road races!!



Monday, July 11, 2016

Barbara and Lisa - June 13, 2015

Barbara and Lisa were married at their home in New Lebanon on June 13, 2015.  Yes that says 2015.  (Sorry everyone but I have been busy and it took me a bit to get their photos to post here!)  But I can't let this beautiful wedding go by and not share it all with you!  So please excuse the fact that this is up a year later and just eat up all the yumminess of this special day.

Barbara and Lisa found me online a year before their wedding date and were looking to use my full planning and coordination package.  From the very beginning I was just hooked on these two, and was so excited to go down the planning journey with them!  They live in NYC but have a home in quiet New Lebanon and we all agreed it was the perfect place for them to say 'I Do'.  You see these two had been together for 17 years so tying the knot was a big deal for them!  What better place to do that than their home in the presence of their closest friends.  

Planning this wedding was a fun experience for me.  Lisa is a foodie with a specific vision and a wonderfully caring but straight forward manner.  Barbara wanted to make sure everyone had fun but she is the practical one who balances Lisa's more creatively adventurous side.  All of the plans were mapped out with precision and it all came together so beautifully the day of the event.  To them it was all about sharing and celebrating with the people who are the closest in their lives.  They asked a dear friend to perform the ceremony and they included their daughter Zoe and their fur baby Lucy in the most important parts of the festivities.  You can tell from these photos that the weather was gorgeous and that Barbara and Lisa really enjoyed their day - their happiness that day was infectious!  

The reason people hire me is because I carefully craft the vendor teams for my weddings.  With Barbara and Lisa we booked Kim Klopstock's Lily and the Rose for catering, rented a beautiful sail cloth tent and farm tables from Rain or Shine, hired the always fun Bill's Toupee Band for entertainment, and sourced the flowers from the ever talented Kathy Rohlfs at Chatham Flowers.  Rounding out the vendor team was the always fun Lauren and Jeremy from LaRose Media on video, equally fun Jen and Chris from True Grace for hair and makeup, design extraordinaire Jenny Shea who created all the custom made and hand drawn stationery, and Premiere Transportation which provided guest shuttles.  All of these wedding photos were taken by Kretschmann Studio.

Barbara and Lisa were such a joy to work with, and getting to see Zoe and Lucy during planning appointments was always a treat for me!  We built a gorgeous event - as a wedding planner it doesn't get much better than this!  Thank you Lisa and Barbara for choosing me as your planner and welcome me into your family for your special day!!