Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Review For Erin Rossi - This One From Kelsey and Nick!

Kelsey and Nick were married in June at their family property on the shores of Lake George.  They worked with Erin Rossi as their wedding coordinator and just left this lovely review of Erin's services!

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"I wish I had started working with Lead Planner Erin Rossi much, much sooner. I hired Erin as a wedding coordinator, but when we started working together I realized how invaluable she is. As a graphic designer, I didn't need Erin to come up with ideas, but I really could have used her detailed organization and her brilliant ability to communicate with everyone involved in the wedding. When people say wedding planning is a second job, they mean it. So to have someone like Erin -who is on top of everything- by your side means you won't be overwhelmed with the inevitable 20 emails per day from the florist, hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer, band and caterer. (Not to mention friends and family.)
Also, the day of service was the best. Erin did everything I had asked her to and then knew all the things I hadn't even thought of! As the ceremony started Erin followed me out the door and fixed my train right before I turned the corner to walk down the aisle. Then, later, she always had my tube of lipstick nearby to reapply. (Definitely important for the photos!)
A lot of people will get the big stuff done, but WWP and Erin made sure all the little things were done right too. THANK YOU!!!!!"

Erin Rossi Receives a Review From Morgan and Jonathan!

Photo by Dave Bigler Photo and Films

Morgan and Jonathan were married at the Canfield Casino on October 1st.  Erin Rossi coordinated their wedding day and the couple just left this amazing review of Erin's services!

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"My fiancé (now husband) and I cannot express enough how amazing our day of coordinator Erin Rossi was for our big day.
It is important I state that from the moment I spoke with Shannon, I knew Wedding Plaaning Plus was the best option.
Any question I or my parents had Erin had the answer. It was so easy to quickly text her a question and within minutes I would have an answer. Or when I was debating what to do, she would work it out with me and help me communicate my ideas to the vendors, especially when the nerves/stress of the wedding day approaching made me incredibly indecisive. My only regret is not having her as our wedding planner from the start and is my best advice after all is said and done.
Our guests still are expressing how great our wedding was and a lot of credit needs to be given to Erin for making sure it ran as smooth as possible. Best of all, we enjoyed the wedding because Erin and Rebecca (Erin's assistant) had everything under control and no amount of "thank you's" could suffice our appreciation! 
I am sure all the planners at Wedding Planning Plus are spectacular but I am biased towards Erin so don't hesitate to ask for her!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Leah and Swag Leave Me A Review

Photos by Clark+Walker Studio

Goodness we are just overwhelmed with all the love we have been receiving from our couples lately!!  Leah and Swag just posted this review of working with me on their Inn at Erlowest wedding.  Thanks you guys for the kind words!

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"Shannon was invaluable the day of! With her help, I planned my wedding from across the state. She made good recommendations about hair and makeup and where to have the rehearsal dinner, which were things that were tough to know about and decide not being from the area. She alerted me to potential problems that I would have never noticed. I have a busy professional life, and not a lot of family to help with the small details of planning, and we worked those tasks that would be difficult for me to complete on my own into the contract. Seriously, this was some of the best money (not worked into the original budget) that I spent. Worth it."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Reviews Just Keep Coming In - This One For Erin McKee!

Photo by Silent Moment Photography
Reviews keep coming in from our recent weddings and we couldn't be more thrilled and touched by what our couples are saying about us!  Today Jess and Nathaniel posted this review of working with me (wedding planning) and Erin McKee (day-of wedding coordination).  They were so fun to work with while they traveled for 4 months half way around the world!  

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"My husband and I got engaged and then went on a 4-month trip through Asia. We had to do a lot of the wedding planning while we were overseas. We hired WPP to help us get the rentals we needed and to do our day-of coordination. Shannon worked with us by Skype to help get us our rentals and answer all our questions. Our wedding wasn't an easy one but WPP really helped get us what we wanted. Erin was our day-of-coordinator and we couldn't have asked for anything more. She was above and beyond our expectations. I actually don't know how people can have a wedding without a wedding coordinator! She gave us a timeline, helped us plan what aspects of a traditional wedding we wanted to keep and which ones we wanted to go without. On the day of the wedding she was organized, timely, professional. She really handled things beautifully. We had a lot of elements that could have been difficult and she took care of them without us even having to be aware of it. She dealt with all our vendors and even helped us decide how much to tip everyone. She is a wedding rockstar! Thank you Erin & Shannon for a great wedding :-)"

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ashleigh and Matt Leave Shannon This Sweet Review!

Ashleigh and Matt were married at Camp Echo Lake on September 4th and they just posted this sweet little review!  

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"Shannon was very helpful the day of our wedding. If anything went wrong, we had no idea because it was handled calmly and efficiently. We anticipated our coordinator to be a little "on edge" or intense the day of our wedding. Shannon was flexible and easy-going, but incredibly helpful as well - we didn't have to worry about a thing. You won't go wrong with her or her team!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tommie Receives A Glowing Review From Whitney and Isaak!

Whitney and Isaak were married in an old opera house in Catskill on June 18th of this year.  They worked with Tommie (Kate as assistant) and just posted this glowing review of our services!

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"We just got married June 2016 in the Hudson Valley. I write this review from the prospective of two NYC television producers (my husband and I,) who spend our lives producing. 

Firstly, I have to say rule #1 Do not skimp on a wedding coordinator, you absolutely need on so you can actually enjoy your day. Build it into the budget, no exceptions. If you can afford a full planner, even better.
Now to the oozing of my appreciation of Wedding Planning plus and my coordinator Tommie and her assistant Kate: 

My initial call with Shannon was prompt, efficient, friendly and run around. She asked my needs and immediately gave me rates. No one was trying to squeeze our (tight) budget etc. She was fantastic. 

Now for Tommie, our Day-of coordinator; ABOVE AND BEYOND. Professional, punctual, really "got" our very eclectic, out of the box wedding. We explained to her our specific needs, which were much different than most weddings and she took on the project like a champ, truly embracing it. 
-Though unconventional, our wedding had a lot of moving parts and very uncommon/rustic locations. 
- Oversaw the setup of our highly styled wedding decor, making sure all was beautiful and personally took care of all of the decor we owned ( which was a lot) at the end of the night.
-Tommie stayed LATE, making sure all she promised was in order.
-Dealt with our drunken friend who was DJ'ing after the live band left (#ourpoorchoice) 
-All of this and much more, because she fixed things that I am sure we didn't even know about.
-Oh did I mention her positive "I can do anything" attitude?

I can not say enough about this company and about Tommie. We looked into coordinators from NYC that were triple the cost ...that didn't have a handle on the Hudson Valley or the open mind to do the very out of the box wedding we had."

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Amanda and John Leave a Review for Shannon!

Photo by Divine Light Photography

Amanda and John were married at Colgate University on June 18th of this year.  They worked with Shannon for full planning and coordination, and just left this fabulous review!

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"We were married this past summer in upstate New York on our university campus (where we met!). The reception was held basically in the middle of field, and Shannon planned and coordinated everything -- rentals (literally everything....chairs, tables, every fork and spoon, lighting, bathrooms, etc.), to table placements, and really the whole plan for the day. There were so many moving pieces to make the outdoor venue work, but Shannon was not phased by anything, and was so patient with us. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and could not have been anymore beautiful or seamless, and we owe a huge thank you to Shannon for that!!!"

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kate and Tommie Receive a Glowing Review!

Photo by Yuliya Peshkova

Kate and Tommie coordinated Amanda and Ben's Pruyn House wedding in July and the couple just posted this glowing review of their services!

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"Deciding to work with Wedding Planning Plus was the BEST decision we made throughout all of our wedding planning. We initially met with Shannon and from that first meeting on, I knew we were going to be in such great hands. Shannon listened to all our crazy thoughts and ideas and really took the time to get to know us as a couple. We were so incredibly lucky to be paired up with Kate and Tommie as our day of coordinators. During our first itinerary meeting (6+ months before), my mind was truly put at ease when I saw how organized and prepared Kate and Tommie were. Both planners were so genuinely friendly and engaged; throughout the planning process, I felt like I was chatting about my wedding plans with good friends, not my day of coordinators. 

During the last month before the wedding, things really started to pick up, and both Kate and Tommie were there by our sides, ready to help in any way (and often helping us before we even knew we would need it!). Both Kate and Tommie even offered to meet us one additional time to help me get a few last minute details organized. Tommie was very resourceful and helped us to come up with solutions for a few tricky "day of" problems. Kate worked especially hard during the days leading up to the wedding to make sure the day of schedule was perfect. Kate even did some last minute vendor coordinating for me that really removed a lot of stress and anxiety. 

On our wedding day, both Kate and Tommie were invaluable. I felt so relieved to have them by my side: helping to finish up last minute decorations, organizing flowers, having last minute chats with vendors so I could just enjoy getting ready with my bridal party. They were so helpful with getting everyone lined up for the ceremony and with keeping family pictures moving along. Everything was going smoothly until the rain decided to show up to our al fresco dinner under the trees. Kate and Tommie whipped right into action and made all the plans necessary to get all our guests AND tables moved inside the barn between salads and entrees. I can't imagine the "behind the scenes" stress they might have been feeling, because they handled everything so professionally. I truly believe their smiles and positive attitudes spread to everyone else, because the next thing I saw was all of our 100 wedding guests laughing and carrying tables into a barn, trying to beat the rain. I was so touched at that moment, and I am so grateful that we had Kate and Tommie to navigate that little hiccup. 

That night, Kate took ALL our decorations (seriously! She packed up everything from our venue so that my husband and I could continue celebrating with our friends and family) and put them in our hotel for us. But Kate went one step above and beyond and decorated our room with all our flowers and tea lights. It was a beautiful surprise, and we felt so special! 

Ultimately, having Kate and Tommie meant that my husband and I got to fully enjoy our wedding day with all our friends and family. This was tremendously important for both of us, and the peace of mind and assistance they provided for us was truly invaluable. They were there for us every step of the way, and we will always be grateful! Thank you Shannon, Tommie, and Kate!!"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amanda and Ben - July 23, 2016

Amanda and Ben were married at the Pruyn House on July 23, 2016. These two are the sweetest, most kind hearted people you will ever meet and it was an absolute privilege to be a part of their day. Amanda and Ben are BOTH teachers, so you can imagine the attention to detail and organization (in the form of spreadsheets… so many spreadsheets!) that went into this wedding. 
Their day started with beautiful July skies, a little nerves and the lovely Crystal McDaniel Gardner of MaryKay and Piper Bisnett of Jean Paul Salon for hair and make-up. These ladies worked their magic and got Amanda and her closest girls ready for what was about to be a perfect day. Ben and his men arrived on location and hung out in the awesome school house on Pruyn House property to get ready in ‘old-school’ style. 
The Sacandaga String Band created a ceremony space filled with simple and soft music while guests arrived. Amanda’s life-long friend, Danielle Upton, officiated and brought beautiful personal touches to the ceremony. You could feel the love and support from family and friends all around and after a few tears were shed and sweet words were exchanged- these two self-proclaimed ‘science nerds’ were married!
A short walk to the barn transported Amanda and Ben’s guests into a night filled with delicious food provided by Nicole’s Catering and celebratory dancing and the best tunes around thanks to Claude Sawyer from LaBOOM Entertainment.
In addition to everyone above, we worked with an amazing group of professionals including Yuliya Peshkova who documented their day beautifully, the stunning flowers were provided by Foxtail Community Farm and we had the pleasure of working with the two loveliest ladies at the Pruyn House - Diane Morgan and Nancy Macy. 
Working with Amanda and Ben was a dream, they were so easy going and deserve all the happiness in the world! Thank you so much for including us in your special day and for being spectacular friends!
Kate & Tommie 

The happy bride showing some love to her wedding planners...  :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Angel and Arvind's Wedding Video Trailer!

Angel and Arvind were married at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose on August 20th and Aissa coordinated their wedding day.  Here is the trailer to their wedding video made by A Moment 2 Share!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Amy and Adam Leave Me a Great Review!

Photo by Jessie Casey Photography

Amy and Adam were married at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid on July 17, 2016.  They called me from their home in Atlanta at the end of May and asked if it was possible to plan an entire wedding long distance in just 6 weeks.  I was instantly up for the challenge and got started with them that same day.  Their wedding was a huge success and they just left this awesome review for me online.  Thanks Amy and Adam for sharing your WPP experience with others!

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"Shannon was fantastic. We definitely didn't make it TOO easy, since we wanted to plan a destination wedding with 100+ guests in Lake Placid with only two months, from start to finish. Another planner we contacted didn't think it could be done--she didn't even think she could find us a venue--but Shannon had a list of options for us in a matter of days, and the place we ended up (Whiteface Lodge) was absolutely perfect. Shannon managed our budget, our timeline, and everything. She even received packages for us, so we wouldn't have to ship things from our home in Atlanta up to the Adirondacks. Thanks to Shannon, we always knew where we were in the wedding process, and what was left to be completed. She thought of things we wouldn't have, and kept us calm and cool on the wedding weekend. She has a great personality that is easy to get along with, and she was very laid back at the actual event. She made everything SO easy, in fact, that we were able to camp completely off the grid for the last two weeks before the wedding."

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mary and Rob Leave a 5 Star Review for Aissa!

Photo by Shaw Photography Co

Mary and Rob were married on June 18th where they met at Hamilton College.  Aissa coordinated their day and this bride and groom just left the nicest review of Aissa's work.  Thanks Mary and Rob for take the time to share your experience!

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"We hired Aissa as the day of coordinator for our wedding at Hamilton College. It was the first wedding of our size on the college campus, so we had to troubleshoot many issues and bring everything in. When Aissa met with us and several of our vendors months before the wedding to talk through the logistics of the day, it was clear that Aissa is extremely organized, experienced, and creative. While she was extremely helpful with the preparations leading up to the wedding, she was instrumental the day of the wedding. When an electrical issue came up, Aissa thought of and perfectly executed a creative solution. She met all deliveries and setup all rentals/props exactly how we had pictured. And before we could run out of ice and wine mid-reception, Aissa already bought more. We could not have pulled of our wedding without Aissa’s help, and we couldn’t recommend WPP more highly!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kelly and Jesse - September 26, 2015

Kelly and Jesse were married at the Lucas Confectionery (aka Troy Wine Bar) on September 26, 2015.  My apologies on all the late posts but this is another wedding I have been so excited to put up but time just hasn't been my friend lately!  This one is worth the wait, though, because these two are awesome people and their wedding totally rocked!

Kelly and Jesse are super cool people, and instantly upon meeting them we realized we had so much in common.  They are both runners, Kelly is a fellow marathoner and Jesse holds his own in distance racing and in biking, and Jesse creates video games which is so up my husband's alley.  They were Albany residents and we were into the same restaurants and bars which was cool.  Basically I am saying I loved them from the minute I met them!

Oh also I should mention we all were slated for the same upcoming races - Kelly and I for the Philly Marathon that November and Jesse was running the Philly half.  I "ran" into them for a fleeting few minutes before the start but was so thrilled to see they had a great race just like I did.  Running buddies are the best!

Anyway - back to their wedding - they hired me for day-of wedding coordination in order to make sure all of the pieces they had been planning came together smoothly and easily for them.  I had a blast working with Jillian at the Confectionery, and the rest of their vendors were the bomb, too!  This was my first time working with their photographer, Dianna Marr from Our Two Hearts Photography and this lady was so cool!  Not only was she a breeze to work with all day but look how amazing her photos are.  Quick shout out to Kelly's back (omg lady) and a few shots that I snuck into!  DJ Stephanie Graham was on hand from Andy Pratt DJ Company - thanks for the great tunes and the great friendship Stephanie!  Flowers were by Tina McDonald at Florals By Design - Loved the succulents!  Their officiant was Jill Rafferty-Weinsich at Celebrations Beyond Belief.  Hair and makeup was by Sabrina Devine, guest transportation was by Brown Coach, and their cake was made by Amy Mears at Sweet Expressions.  

I was so thrilled to work a wedding at the Confectionery and Kelly and Jesse were the kind of couple that any wedding planner dreams to work with.  Thank you both for trusting me with your most special day!  I look forward to seeing you both around town for more beers and road races!!